an unwoven tapestry


I live by my dreams—no that’s not quite right…I live in my dreams (yes, airhead), and I suppose that one day I will die by them (yes, airhead). That seems rather morbid, but I’m not really. I mean, all people are obsessed by death, but I’m quite silly if you were to meet me in person.

I wear a lot of black, but it’s only because it goes with everything (and slimming, but how!).

I drink too much tea and eat too much chocolate, but I still manage to be relatively fit. I fight against my own inertia everyday. Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose.

I like ellipses, but I realize that I cannot make them my everything…they’re so fitting for my flailing chain of thought though…

I’m fairly obsessed with cosmetics and perfumes, but I’m fierce about finding beauty in a person regardless of their appearance (cosmetic procedures upset me so, but live and let live, I suppose).

I love roses best of all, but my favourite colour is green. I’ll lie about my age if the year isn’t an even number (31? No, I’m 32.), but my favourite numbers are all odd.

I’m always thinking up new allegories for the meaning of life…or really a description of the journey, and I will probably share many of them here. You can never have too many stories, even if they’re all essentially the same at heart.

Like most people, I enjoy making life needlessly complex. That’s a sweeping statement, and I am not sure if I actually “enjoy” it, but I seem to do it all the time, so I must feel some sort of reward via doing this consistently…like most people. Ha.

I think that’s everything for now…


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    David in Maine USA

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